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Begin Pursuing Passion Projects Now With These Simple Steps

A passion project is an activity that you take on in order to gain something from it. It makes you feel YOU. It excites and inspires; it brings joy and satisfaction. If it becomes an additional income stream, it’s an added bonus. Nevertheless, passion projects are expressions of our creativity and personality. It puts you into a state of flow.

If you still have no idea what I am talking about, check these comprehensive list of passion project ideas.

Perhaps you have a couple of projects in mind. But when too many tasks are demanding your attention, how are you going to pursue your passion projects? Let me share a few practical tips.

Convince yourself

The first thing you have to do when pursuing passion projects is to convince yourself that it deserves a place in your schedule. Given that these projects are done often during spare time, still it needs proper attention. So, you need to answer these questions:

  • Will this make me happy?
  • Will this satisfy an “itch” in my creativity?
  • Do I really want to do this?
  • Is it really worth pursuing?

If your answer is YES to these questions, then you are halfway there. The thing with this kind of project is you keep on thinking about it but you are also paralyzed with thoughts such as “I don’t think I have time for this” or “I’ll wait until the perfect time comes”. Who knows when will that perfect time come?

If you really want that project to see the light of day, convince yourself: “I need to do this, I have to do this, I have to make this happen”.

Consider your resources

In other words, you have to manage what you have.

Manage your time

If you think your current schedule is overwhelming enough to add another project, then you need to manage your time well and be more creative in dealing with your tasks.

Some project seems too overwhelming so it might help if you divide the whole thing into smaller chunks and phases. If your project is to publish an eBook, do it by chapters. If you’re making an ‘amigurumi’, if possible, do the head first, then the body, then other peripherals. Doing things in phases makes you feel productive and the whole project becomes more manageable.

The key is to be organized, to make a plan and to follow up on your plan. Time management is not about filling entries on your scheduler, but making sure that you are using your time wisely.

Time management is not about filling entries on your scheduler, but making sure that you are using your time wisely. Click To Tweet

Manage your expectations

Sometimes, we hesitate on pursuing our projects because we compare ourselves with others. This often leads to failure and unsatisfying output. Rather than comparing yourselves with others, allow yourself to be an amateur. Not everyone begins as an expert. Provide room for improvement. As you do your craft, learn from it until you become confident and competent.

In no way I am saying that you need not aim for excellence. What I want to stress is that if comparison causes you not to believe in yourself and then park your project, your expectations are way too high and unhealthy. Do yourself a favor. Manage your expectations.

Manage your resources

Begin with what you have at your disposal. You want to start a vlog? Start with your smartphone. You want to start an advocacy group? Start with a free Facebook Page. You want to teach financial literacy podcast? Again, your smartphone can do the job.

Most of the time, you don’t have to have expensive gears and set-up to fuel up your passion project. Start, then scale up as soon as you catch up with the momentum. Our limited resources don’t have to get in the way for us to pursue our dreams.

Connect with your friends

In pursuing your passion project, it is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support you and influence you to push forward.

It is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support you and influence you to push forward. Click To Tweet

For example, those who are passionate about savings find it helpful to join groups and online communities with the same goal. When I joined savings group online, their passion ignited my desire to earn and save. It encourages and challenges me to continue what I am currently doing, knowing that I am not alone in my savings journey.

Same is true with journaling groups, biking groups, pet enthusiasts and other interest groups. Groups provide accountability. They follow up on your commitments, helps you with your concerns, answers you questions and understands your dilemma because you have the same wavelength. Best thing, you have automatic cheerleaders, subscribers, followers, and customers.

What passion projects are you planning to pursue? Comment your dream project down below!

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