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Practical Review Tips To Do Well in Your Next Exams

In my previous post, I wrote some practical review tips to help in exams. I would like to add some more to the list. 

Even as a full-fledged adult, I still agree that being a student is not easy. It is a different kind of challenge. Our students are rigorously trained by the academe with tons of information to equip them for the real world. Failure to get the most out of your student life means greater hurdles to overcome during adulthood, unless of course for the privileged ones. Our students need guidance. 

Find your learning style 

Every student learns differently. It is important to know what learning style works for you. Some prefer to review during the night, some early morning. Some need music to boost up their mood, some prefer quiet. Do whatever works best for you, and seize the opportunity to learn and appreciate your subjects more. 

Make use of reviewers and study guides

Reading comprehension requires motivation, mental frameworks for holding ideas, concentration, and good study techniques. In my case, I create a bullet list of topics I am reviewing and outline the ideas to help me get a structure of the lesson. You need to grasp the WHY and the HOW before you appreciate the WHAT. 

Be prayerful and positive

Someone has said, “don’t study with a fear of failing. Study with the hope of succeeding.” It helps to be positive whenever you review. It calms your thoughts and energizes you to study well. If you think you will just fail even after you squeeze in the information as you review, you are setting yourself up for a double whammy – you already fail in review and you might fail as well in the examinations. Be positive and back it up with prayers. 

Someone has said, "don't study with a fear of failing. Study with the hope of succeeding." It helps to be positive whenever you review. Click To Tweet

Call your family and relatives and say the purpose why you are studying

A support system works wonders. They will cheer you up and help you by providing an environment conducive for you to learn. This hack also helps especially when you want to focus or you are in the middle of a webinar or group study. Letting your family and relatives know that you are seriously reviewing will prompt them to give you space. They might offer you snacks as well, which is great! But you know which is better? They will serve as your prayer partners for your review.

Do not procrastinate

Accomplishing things make us more effective and productive. There are tons of benefits when we stop procrastination and get things done. Getting things done makes us feel relaxed and we lose that feeling of guilt when we just let our time gets wasted. If you want to be effective in your review, do not procrastinate. Do things right away. I suggest you do a checklist and as soon as you have the chance, work on that list. 

Limit your time on social media

I cannot overemphasize the importance of limiting your time on social media. We need to discipline our time with social media because it is one of the reasons why we are distracted. Know your limitations. Turn off your notifications when you are in review. Put it away, if possible. Some phones even have this screen time monitoring that records how much time you are using per app. Make use of that. 

We need to discipline our time with social media because it is one of the reasons why we are distracted. Know your limitations. Click To Tweet

Don’t compare what you studied to your classmates

When you compare what you studied with others, either you will feel too relaxed or too pressured. Do yourself a favor by not comparing what you studied with others, especially moments before the examination. Relax and believe in what you have studied, especially when you know you have given it your best effort. 

These are just some of the tips you may consider as you review for your exams. Do you have other study tips in mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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