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New Year Reflections

New Year Reflections. New Year. New You.

Welcome to the season for New Year Reflections. It’s time for resolutions that will run only for only a couple of weeks. Ordinarily, these are the times when strong-willed men and women will begin to flock at the gyms and sports centers carrying their hashtags #OplanBalikAlindog and #NewYearNewMe. Of course, we need to “shake off” the extra pounds we gained after the holidays. But since COVID-19 is still a threat, either we postpone our fitness goals for a while, or be creative with our fitness routines.

New year also calls for new plans, (and new planners!). For me, I’ll just reuse my slightly used, undated planner, for obvious reasons – I spent most of the year at home and online.

But seriously, what’s new? We’re still subject to weird weather disturbances unless the world takes the fight against climate change seriously. Corrupt politicians are still wasting our hard earned taxes unless someone will take the helm of fighting corruption seriously. The carmageddon in EDSA and other major thoroughfares is not expected to be addressed urgently, unless all commuters shift to bike instead. Even Coco Martin’s “Ang Probinsyano” shows no sign of ending its story any time soon.

We’re just changing our calendars, but really nothing is new.

Unless we do. Unless we intentionally do.

As we grow older, New Year becomes more meaningful not just for celebrations but as life markers. What lessons have we learned? What changes have we implemented? Are we becoming better? New Year serve as reminder that we only have two options in life – to dwell in the past or to move forward. It gives us hope and brand new opportunities to correct our mistakes and learn from it. But it also gives us free will to sulk and live in the glory of the good ‘ol days. It is always ours to decide.

This New Year, what intentional actions are you planning to do?

It doesn’t matter whether it takes us longer or others have it better. As long as we’re making progress, we’re good to go. Forget the fact that others are making strides while we are only taking baby steps. Life is not a race, but a marathon. Focus on your own race. Let the success of others serve as an encouragement.

It doesn’t matter whether it takes us longer or others have it better. As long as we’re making progress, we’re good to go. Click To Tweet

Time flies too fast. Don’t waste it. You are not the same person 3-5 years ago. Don’t be the same person you were 3-5 years ago. May this year be your jumpstart to a wonderful journey ahead.

Make the most of your New Year reflections. Let’s make this year count!

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